Green Waste Skip Bins: What You Can and Cannot Dispose Of

Green Waste Skip Bins: What You Can and Cannot Dispose Of


Whether you’re an amateur gardener or a seasoned landscaping professional, the green waste created from your outdoor projects needs to be managed properly. Green waste skip bins are a fantastic solution, allowing for the collection and disposal of garden waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

However, it’s important to know what can and cannot go into these bins. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide to using green waste skip bins correctly.

What You Can Dispose of in Green Waste Skip Bins

Green waste skip bins are intended for organic, garden-generated waste. This includes:

  1. Grass and Leaves: These are the most common green waste materials, especially if you mow your lawn or rake leaves regularly.
  2. Branches, Twigs, and Bark: All small wood material that comes from trees can be put into a green waste bin.
  3. Weeds: Unwanted plants and growth that you’ve pulled from your garden can be disposed of in green waste bins.
  4. Flowers and Plants: Dead flowers, old houseplants, and other plant-based materials can go into the green waste bin.
  5. Prunings and Trimmings: When you prune bushes, trees, or other plants, the trimmings can be disposed of in your green waste bin.

What You Cannot Dispose of in Green Waste Skip Bins

Some materials, while they might come from your garden, are not suitable for disposal in green waste skip bins. This includes:

  1. Soil and Rocks: While natural, these materials are not suitable for the composting process that green waste goes through.
  2. Treated Wood: Wood that’s been treated, painted, or varnished cannot go into green waste bins as it can’t be composted and may contain harmful chemicals.
  3. Synthetic Grass: Despite its name, synthetic grass is a type of plastic and should be disposed of accordingly, not in your green waste bin.
  4. Plastic Bags or Plant Pots: These are not compostable and need to be recycled separately.
  5. Food Waste: Although organic, food waste is usually not accepted in green waste bins unless specified by your waste management service.
  6. Large Trunks or Stumps: Most green waste services have a size limit for the woody waste they collect, often around 150mm in diameter.


Knowing what can and cannot be disposed of in green waste skip bins is crucial to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly waste management. Proper use of these bins allows the collected waste to be composted and used to enrich soils, contributing to a healthier planet. Always remember, when in doubt, ask your waste management service for guidance to avoid contamination that can hinder the recycling process.

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